Day 1 - Details

Details for the Day 1 Sprint Race

Venue: Leith Hill, Surrey. Car park is at Grid Ref TQ131433
Lat (WGS84) N51:10:40 (51.177804) Long (WGS84) W0:23:00 (-0.383381)
A map extract can be found at this URL:

Frequencies: Slow keyed transmitters 3.580 kHz, Fast keyed
transmitters 3560 kHz, Beacon 3542 kHz

Time allowed: 60 minutes

Start Interval: 2 minutes

         Start times will be allocated on the evening but please do not all arrive at 18:15!
         Event registration opens: 1600
         First starter: 1630
         Last starter: 1830

Receivers: There will be no requirement to deposit receivers, in order to
allow competitors to arrive as and when they are able. Please respect this concession by not using your receiver prior to the start of your race.

TXs to be hunted: All competitors hunt all transmitters. There are no 'flags' at the hidden transmitters - just a SportIdent box on a stand.

Punching: 14 punchings* are required, as follows:
  • Start
  • 5 slow keyed hidden transmitters
  • Beacon,
  • 5 fast keyed hidden transmitters, 
  • Beacon (again)
  • Finish
*registration of visit to transmitter on the SI Chip

Bounds: The roads bounding the competition area are strictly out of bounds.  Not to be crossed or run along.

Course closes: 1930 hrs

Safety: Whistles MUST be carried.  //Overseas competitors please note//

Etiquette: Please show respect for other visitors to Leith Hill. One disapproving letter to the park authorities is all it takes. Please give way to walkers, cyclists, horseriders and be careful with your antenna. We are very fortunate to be able to use Leith Hill and do not want to cause problems for the local radio and orienteering clubs who have longstanding access agreements.

Prize giving: Certificates will be presented at an awarding ceremony after the 2m race on Day 2. Provisional time Saturday 1400 hrs. Certificates for each age group.

Facilities: None. Public toilets at Newlands Corner GU4 8SE and South Street, Dorking

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